Disaster Reconstruction Services

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Disaster Reconstruction Services is also a certified and licensed Asbestos remediator providing property disaster repairs for insurance claims, including upgrades and remodeling as appropriate.

Disaster Reconstruction Services also offers Montrose and Telluride property owners a full range of structural repair services for Property Managers, Facility Directors, Risk Managers, Public Works Agencies, and Large Loss Adjustors. Disaster Reconstruction Services interfaces with Architects, Structural Engineers, Industrial Hygienists, Forensic Consultants, etc. Disaster Reconstruction Services also satisfies your insurance and prevailing wage requirements.  Disaster Reconstruction Services is committed to being on time, working neat, communicating, and meeting or exceeding deadlines and budget promises.

Collage of fire water and storm damage

There’s a Lot of Ways Properties Get Damaged

There’s Only One Right Way to Fix It, the Disaster Reconstruction Services Way

Montrose and Telluride climate is intense. It’s tough on our homes and buildings. Now, think about overflowing sinks, kitchen fires, and any number of people-caused accidents. Yes, people can wreak havoc too! Some types of damage, such as sewage spills, interior mold, and chemical contamination, create secondary damage as it spreads through structural materials, intensifying the repair challenges that confront contractors.

Many repair projects such as water removal, water damage reconstruction, and mold remediation require detailed protocols and standards. These kinds of jobs are highly regulated. Fortunately, the professionals at Disaster Reconstruction Services have years of experience in the restoration construction industry and have the appropriate training, licensing, and certificates to do the work right. We are minutes away from property owners in Montrose and Telluride. 

Why Disaster Reconstruction Services


We have the skillset and experience to correctly repair diverse kinds of property damage. We’re able to take charge and manage the repair process from the first day, through restoration/reconstruction to successful completion.

Customer Focus

Many of our customers are homeowner insurance claimants. We thoroughly understand what it takes to restore your home; and don’t worry, we speak ‘insurance.’ We’re highly aware of the complex time and cost constraints of our commercial clients. We fully understand that we’re representing you when we restore your occupant and tenant space.

Attention to Detail

Clear and concise job scheduling, frequent progress updates, and easy-to-understand billing documentation keeps our team members and our clients informed! Whether it’s a rebuild of a residential fire-damaged kitchen or the flooded bottom floor of an apartment or office building, you’ll always know what’s happening. That eliminates any surprises and reduces your stress.

Customer Focused

Most skilled craftspeople in the construction trades derive great satisfaction from performing their work and seeing the finished product and these are often the driving forces for contractors who do remodeling or new builds.

Years ago, Tom Miller, owner, and Jehromy Adams, manager at Disaster Reconstruction Services, became familiar with a specialty within the construction industry. They mastered the unique requirements of restoring severely damaged structures. Tom, Jehromy, and others soon learned that assisting families and business owners recover from environmental property damage is the most rewarding of all. They found it incredibly satisfying to help people overcome their stress and worry and get their family and business lives back.

To this day, Disaster Reconstruction Services makes time to listen to their clients to thoroughly understand the demands of each project. The company is built to serve people. Jobs are managed with a unique construction communication software called Co-Construct. It tracks the scheduling, work progress, costing, and it always communicates to all parties, keeping everyone from the carpenter to the client informed. It tracks every detail. All the documentation and reports are in plain English. The system avoids the confusing technical jargon that is too common in the construction trades.

Putting the Customer First

A malfunctioning gas fire pit burned half of a 2,400 sq ft roof-top, natural wood deck. Damage at this Crested Butte vacation home occurred just before the first snow. v was contacted to provide a detailed quote for the structural repairs, reconstruction, and additional remodeling upgrades under one stick condition. The project must be completed during the short spring and summer building season. Several feet of snow was cleared away to allow Tom Miller (pictured) and his team to perform the inspection and prepare a detailed plan of action and quote. WSC also arranged to hire additional labor talent for the build season to ensure the project can be completed on time by getting a head start on the planning. The happy clients accepted the proposal.

We Fix Damaged Properties… We Serve People

If you have an immediate need, we’re ready. If you’re looking for a reliable vendor, let’s talk