Flood Damage Reconstruction Services

Flood Damage Reconstruction Services

Trusted Disaster Reconstruction Services After Storms

Natural disasters like flash floods and severe weather impact Colorado residents’ lives every season of the year. In the Telluride and Montrose areas, flood damage can severely affect homes, requiring extensive repairs and reconstruction. Disaster Reconstruction Services can help with end-to-end assistance in every recovery and rehabilitation phase. We create a custom build-back plan for your home or business to get life back to normal after a flood.

What Can Disaster Reconstruction Services Do to Mitigate? 

Construction specialists play a crucial part in mitigating losses after natural disasters. However, several steps and actions must precede the arrival of trusted restoration partners, and our contractors help in ways like:

Board-Up and Sealing Services 

Flooding can leave homes and businesses severely compromised and vacated for restoration and recovery work. One of the priorities of our Disaster Reconstruction Services team is to seal over structural vulnerabilities and openings to avoid additional damage or opportunistic criminals taking advantage of a situation.

Controlled Demolition 

We remove any contaminated materials and contents from the structure. Any threat of bacteria or wastewater exposure means that impacted porous elements and building materials get removed and later replaced.

Emergency Repairs 

Re-establishing services like electricity and clean water is critical after disasters. When these utilities become damaged, our professionals can work to repair the compromised portions to restore needed power for restoration services.

Containment Construction

With the concern of contamination after flooding threats, DRS professionals must erect containment barriers and preventative systems to keep contaminants and moisture concerns contained to known work areas.

Complete Reconstruction Solutions After Flooding 

What comes out, our experienced professionals must replace. We work tirelessly to get your home whole again after demolition. Reconstruction and build-back services follow whatever restoration and cleanup are possible and serve as the final stages of recovery before you can safely return to your home or office. Our Disaster Reconstruction Services professionals help with the following:

  • Flooring – Our team reinstalls removed materials like carpeting or plank flooring onto the subflooring. We are careful to match materials after controlled demolition.
  • Wall Systems – Framing and plumbing repairs create the insides of the wall systems, and our reconstruction specialists also cover the outside of these assemblies with newly acquired drywall paneling.
  • Ceiling Assemblies – We can install multiple ceilings removed during the post-flood demolition phase. We have specialists to help with new drop ceiling systems, hanging drywall panels, and even plastering. 
  • Finishing – From painting the newly installed structural components to installing window casings, paneling, and trim work, our team can help put the final touches on a post-disaster construction project. 

Flash flooding and similar natural disasters can destroy homes and businesses throughout the Montrose and Telluride regions. Repairs and build-back services are critical components to returning life to normal, and Disaster Reconstruction Services professionals are ready to help when needed. Help is only a phone call away.