Disaster Reconstruction Services for Your Remodeling Needs 

Our name suggests that we are the rebuild specialists you want after disasters strike, and you aren’t wrong. With that same experience and talent with general contracting comes skilled remodeling craftsmanship, even without the impact of water, fire, flood, or mold destruction. Remodeling takes hundreds of forms in residences throughout Telluride and Montrose, so we work to provide timely results with expert craftsmanship to make your good home even greater.

Types of Remodeling Your Home Might Require 

For the same reason there are so many activities at the resorts that make the area famous, people vary considerably from one family to the next, and everyone does not like the same things. Remodeling projects and renovation considerations also meet this same eclectic taste and trends, but that is what makes the training and experience of our roster so beneficial to customers. We can help with:

Kitchen, Bathroom and Basement Remodeling Experts

Bathroom Remodeling

It does not take long for your bathroom fixtures, theme, and installations to become dated, discolored, or no longer suit your needs. We can help you construct a bathroom to be proud of using premium building materials.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are also commonly remodeled, with a fixation on replacing flooring, countertops, cabinets, and appliances. Kitchens are prized remodeling projects for many households. Modern stone and synthetic countertops, wood cabinetry, and perhaps a chef’s kitchen package of appliances rank high on the list of rich renovations. Confining wall spaces and plumbing lines are obstacles our skilled design experts can offer, thereby creating your dream kitchen. Why settle for less?

Basement Remodeling

We can take your appliance-filled basement and transform it into a finished space that increases your home’s square footage and value. Let’s discuss your aspirations and visions and construct that image into reality. We can install plumbing and electrical systems, insulation, walls, and flooring to your specifications to convert this lower level to your requirements and needs. We can help you enjoy your entire home!

New Layout Renovation

Most do not have a say in the original layout of their household, but remodeling changes allow for a different path through the property. Rooms can be larger, smaller, serve new purposes, or devoid of walls to provide a more open layout.

Post-Disaster Remodeling
Remodeling is often needed after disasters like fires or flooding that can often impact Colorado homes. We can help with the demolition properties will require and get you back to pre-loss condition and normal life as soon as possible.

Increase the Value of Your Home With a Remodel 

But why renovate or remodel now? In truth, most times are good for remodeling in how it increases the value of your home. Your return on investment is high with improving the amenities of the bathroom and kitchen, making these preferred choices when improving an appraisal value is a driving force.

Make Your Home Work for You

Sometimes your residence must evolve with the changes in your family dynamic. From adding a new household member to reconfiguring a garage or basement into a “man cave” for watching sports or other recreation, there are times that your home must change to meet new expectations and desires. Our DRS team can help you plan and execute these renovations and upgrades to accommodate a new season of your life.

When you consider your next remodel, we are a name to trust to get the job done right and on your schedule. Give Disaster Reconstruction Services a call – we are way more than repairs.

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