Identifying Water Damage Reconstruction in Telluride Homes

Signs Point to Water Damage Reconstruction 

When you experience water damage in your Telluride home, impacted structural elements can pay the highest costs. We can determine where build-back services are needed based on the experience and fast response of reconstruction professionals like Disaster Reconstruction Services.

Wall System Damage 

Starting water damage reconstruction for Telluride homes first means determining where such services are needed. For example, wall systems can be straightforward in showing the presence of a leak or broken pipe, having a water pool in the structural cavity, and beginning bleeding out from the structural seams or cracks forming as the drywall breaks down. As contractors, we need to remove the damaged drywall portions and assess the broken sections of plumbing to conduct emergency repairs right away.

Walls can also show damage in the form of deterioration and mold development. Even without physical water in the main living spaces, deteriorating drywall can be a sign of water damage that leads to replacing this portion of the wall system. Controlled demolition is an integral part of our early actions to protect your home after water damage. 

Flooring Concerns 

Flooring is another house material likely to be heavily damaged from leaks and appliance hose malfunctions. Evaluating the need for reconstruction and repairs means assessing how salvageable the element is after exposure. Some flooring types are wholly and quickly overcome by water, while others are more resistant and less likely to need our Disaster Reconstruction Services team to remove them.

  • Carpeting – Carpeting is highly porous and likely to be overwhelmed by water damage when it occurs. Therefore, wet carpeting can be pulled and discarded, and our team might also need to remove parts of the OSB or plywood subflooring if these elements are also saturated. 
  • Hardwood – Hardwood flooring is only semi-porous. This slower absorption rate means there is a window of opportunity for restoration on this flooring type. However, prolonged exposure times might see our reconstruction team pulling up portions of the wood surface for replacement.
  • Plank Floors –  Faux wood and vinyl plank flooring are becoming popular alternatives to traditional hardwood, but only a tiny percentage of these options are water resistant. Overcome by water, these planks swell, distort, and loosen. As a result, Disaster Reconstruction Services must often remove wet vinyl planks. 

Trusted Water Damage Reconstruction Specialists 

Most homeowners do not possess water damage reconstruction knowledge, especially with the nuances of partial rebuilds following damage to your property. Disaster Reconstruction Services is a trusted water damage reconstruction specialist with connections with experienced restoration professionals allows us to rapidly transition to the build-back services your home needs after recovery services are near completion. Without delays in the work that we must do, you are getting back home faster and happier with the look and cost of the project. We can help however you need 24/7 at (970) 564-3498.

Reconstruction and repairs are often a natural and necessary component to returning life to normal after a water damage incident. However, correcting the damage these catastrophes can cause requires experienced contractors, as you find with Disaster Reconstruction Services. We are always ready to provide top-notch quality work for all our customers.