Helping the Uninsured with Montrose Storm Damage Reconstruction

Leading Experts with Storm Damage Reconstruction

Montrose homeowners are no strangers to the storm damage that nature can do. From extreme snowfall and icy conditions in the winter to the threats of flooding in any season, Disaster Reconstruction Services has become a trusted name in storm damage reconstruction, helping insured and uninsured fix whatever a storm breaks or destroys. 

Storm damage reconstruction for Montrose homes is a process that spans the entire restoration needed in the house. From the earliest mitigation steps our contractors aid to the total rebuilding of destroyed portions of a structure, our response to your damaged home begins with a phone call. 

Contractors Working from the Start

As you might expect, keeping costs down in storm damage reconstruction is a significant concern for our customers that do not have flood and storm damage insurance for their Colorado homes. We understand how fast things get out of control after these disasters strike, so we are there quickly to get to work. The sooner our Disaster Reconstruction Services professionals like ours are on-site and helping, the more we can soften the financial blow. Early actions can include: 

  • Debris Removal – Between material remnants and debris carried in by intruding floodwater, initial cleanup is the job of our experienced contractors. We establish structural stability before recovery professionals for cleanup and drying can start work.
  • Bulk Material Elimination – Wet materials can break away from studs and collapse. Collecting and discarding bulk materials creates an environment where restoration is possible. 
  • Board-Up Services – With rugged plywood and tarps, we can seal over structural vulnerabilities to keep out creatures, insects, and potential criminals as work begins on your storm-damaged home. 

Working with Restoration Partners

Uninsured homeowners battling storm damage will still need restoration and recovery professionals to help, especially when contamination is a concern. With our direct links with the area’s top recovery specialists, we can seamlessly transition from the restoration to rebuilding work to get you back to your life faster. We are even available from the start to pave the road for the storm damage reconstruction work to start without delay. 

Storm Damage Reconstruction in Montrose

When the storm damage reconstruction in Montrose begins, our Disaster Reconstruction Services team starts with a storm’s impact on the roof. Holes in the building envelope and vulnerabilities like this leave the attic and connected areas in danger of penetrating water and flood damage. Securing this portion of the property ensures that the house’s ensuing repairs and rebuilding projects are permanent and successful. 

While the roof might be one of the first aspects of needed repair after a storm, we can then turn attention to the internal reconstruction required. Moisture damage in the house can degrade structural elements, even without the threat of contaminants. Any earlier controlled demolition requires our team to replace the missing construction materials and rebuild compromised systems. 
After a storm, there can be a significant need for reconstruction and repair. With our experience in this niche and our partnership with trusted restoration professionals, we can help you reduce out-of-pocket expenses with our direct services. So give Disaster Reconstruction Services a call at (970) 564-3498.