The Steps Following Flood Damage in Montrose Homes

DRS Provides Flood Damage in Montrose

Flooding can be damaging and destructive to your home, leaving you needing temporary accommodations as restoration professionals get started. Effective build-back services and repairs improve restoration time. Our Disaster Reconstruction Services team works directly with insurance companies and trusted restoration partners to expedite the return to your clean, dry home. 

Before restoring flood damage in Montrose homes, property owners and insurance providers look to the experience of Disaster Reconstruction Services to help with the early demolition, repairs, and reconstruction necessary to help. 

Board-Up Services 

When our team first arrives to address flood damage, we need to secure the structure. Your home is very vulnerable after a flood, especially when your family relocated temporarily to alternative accommodations. Disaster Reconstruction Services professionals use premium materials like thick plywood and OSB board to seal over broken or missing windows and doorways. 

Storm damage can also impact assemblies like the roof. When flooding comes from this area of the house, temporary tarps are installed over the holes. Furring strips are used along with the tarp to minimize the effects of high winds that can continue to be an issue for homes after the rain passes. 

Emergency Repairs 

Repairs are important in restoring your home to its needed functions after flooding. Our Disaster Reconstruction Services team focuses on restoring utilities and controlled demolition to protect arriving restoration professionals and your family from integrity failure or longer restoration times. 

  • Controlled Demolition 

Sagging materials and destroyed structural elements are hazardous and threatening to your home. You can’t rebuild when you haven’t removed the problems. We inspect the full measure of your home’s square footage for needed demolition and controlled removal. 

  • Repairing Utilities 

Restoring needed utilities like electric service and clean water after flooding is crucial for cleaning and recovery. Our professionals assess where repairs are needed and prioritize the recovery of these services. 

  • Stabilizing the Structure

Upon inspection, Disaster Reconstruction Services can identify structural weaknesses, install supports, or provide needed repairs to stabilize your residence. Deteriorating materials can become a hazard to restorers, making this initial step critical. 

Reconstruction Following a Flood 

Post-flood recovery relies greatly on effective cleanup and drying, but reconstruction and repairs are also needed. We rebuild entire wall systems, install flooring layers, and complete the building back of assemblies like the roof or exterior walls. Our expertise with effective building services reseals your home’s vulnerabilities and makes it stronger than ever. 

Is Flood Damage in Montrose Destructive?

Flooding can be one of your home’s most destructive disasters, but we have experienced professionals to help. Disaster Reconstruction Services has industry-leading tools and trained contractors to get your family back into familiar routines. Give us a call at (970) 564-3498.