Telluride Attic Flood Damage Leads to Repairs

DRS Helps with Rebuilding After Flood Damage

Reconstruction is often needed after flooding occurs in homes and businesses throughout the area. Many Colorado homes suffer flood damage annually, so our Disaster Reconstruction Services professionals are equipped with fast solutions for controlled demolition and repairs necessary to get life back to normal.

Demolition of Flood-Damaged Structure

Flood damage to Telluride homes can often begin with a vulnerability in the roof. Floodwater penetrating the attic can spread quickly to the rest of the house but leave its mark on this confined space above the main floor of your residence. Early action requires controlled demolition solutions in this space, so we evaluate the condition of specific systems. We can help with the following actions:

  • Roof – Inside elements like the trusses and supports must be evaluated for structural integrity and water damage. Damage to these components requires removal. Until repairs are completed, we install temporary heavy-duty tarps over any vulnerabilities in the roof to prevent further flood damage to the structure.
  • Attic Building Materials – Components of a finished attic must be removed when exposed to extensive flood damage. Drywall quickly absorbs this water, so we remove portions of the paneling directly impacted. Insulation is also pulled away and discarded when saturated.
  • Contents – Our experienced team has pack-out professionals that carefully collect contents from the attic impacted by flood water and relocate these belongings to a safe storage facility for drying and cleanup.

Reconstructing the Roof 

The roof is a complex construction system. Underlayment and the shingles are addressed to seal up the outside of the house, but internal materials like the removed trusses and joists must be placed first. Newly set structural elements get protected from mold and mildew damage with inhibiting products. Our trusted restoration partners apply these agents before the surface materials get installed around this framework. 

Repairing the Attic 

Much like repairing the roof, some materials will need to be replaced when reconstructing removed portions of the attic. Assemblies inside the exterior walls of your home must be reinstalled and completed with insulation. Finished attics require more attention by installing flooring and painted wall panels and trim.
The attic can be heavily damaged by storms and severe weather impacting our Colorado region. When flooding occurs in your home, let Disaster Reconstruction Services help you get life back to normal. Call us at (970) 564-3498.