Water Damage Reconstruction for Telluride Homes After Leaks

Long-Term Leaks Mean Water Damage Reconstruction

Leaks can be a situation that tests the integrity of installed building materials in your home. You find out how sensitive materials like drywall and particleboard cabinets are to migrating moisture. Water damage reconstruction is a specialty of our Disaster Reconstruction Services team, helping Telluride homes. 

The Leaks That Affect Kitchens

Water damage reconstruction for Telluride homes is more common than you might think. Many homes across the country are contending with a growing water damage threat in their house that they might not even know about or notice. Even attentive homeowners must often wait until moisture and visible water damage surfaces in the kitchen before taking action. When restoration starts late, this can often mean a need for repairs and reconstruction. Some common threats to your kitchen include:

The Damage to the Flooring 

Gravity alone makes materials like the floors in your kitchen one of the surfaces most likely to experience water damage. While it can be nice to prioritize drying these materials, this is only sometimes feasible. When water penetrates the subflooring, there is little to do but discard these materials to get the drying tools working in the foundational elements. Depending on the availability of flooring materials used in your kitchen, we can either replace a portion of the removed material or install entirely new floors you choose.

The Salvageability of Drywall 

For some, most of the drywall in your kitchen is never seen. You might not bring it to mind and consider it because it is mainly hidden. Unfortunately, a leak reminds you that this material is installed behind the cabinets and fixtures and is highly porous and sensitive to water absorption. There are few times when it proves cost-efficient to salvage wet drywall. Moist materials like these degrade rapidly and become an attractive host for mold. We can remove portions of installed panels to replace and finish this wall component faster. 

The State of Cabinetry After Leaks 

Cabinets are one of the staples of your kitchen, but admittedly, they are not built with water-resistant materials. A persistent leak will undoubtedly impact some of the installed units, especially if these cabinets house the leaking fixture or connection. Removing and replacing the entire unit is often more cost-efficient than drying and restoring. Often, this is a matter of removing screws from the back of the cabinet wall and attaching them to studs within the wall system. When the restoration completes in the kitchen, new installations can be implemented to make your kitchen functional again. 

Disaster Reconstruction Services can help when dealing with water damage spreading quickly in the kitchen area. Reconstruction and repairs are a big part of effective water disaster recovery. We work with trusted restoration partners to get you back cooking in the social hub of your house right away. Call us at (970) 564-3498.