Post Disaster Reconstruction for Telluride Homes

Disasters impacting your home can leave their mark on the structure, often requiring several build-back services and repairs. In Colorado, we see a lot of harsh weather conditions that make up a high percentage of insurance claims every year. Some of the most threatening events impacting our area annually include:

  • Flooding
  • Winter Weather
  • Wind Damage

Reconstructing a Home After a Flood 

Flooding is a common storm threat requiring disaster reconstruction in Telluride properties. Flood recovery has an urgent timeline to prevent further structural damage, which often includes prompt removal of wet materials and thorough drying by our SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride partners.

Harsh Winter Conditions 

The winter months might be a time for tourism, but it can also introduce threats to structures. Heavy snowfall and plummeting temperatures create a volatile combination that can put homes and businesses at risk.

  • Roof Damage – Heavy, wet snow that lingers for many days could test the limits of a roof system. We can reinforce damaged roofs, replace surface materials, and protect against future winter weather threats.
  • Freezing – Severe temperature drops can leave under-insulated pipes and fixtures at risk of breaking and bursting. Water damage is destructive to a building, but our responding contractors can remove bulk materials, replace damaged plumbing, and reconstruct the assemblies as needed.
  • Ice Dams – The roof can also be impacted by ice damming in very cold conditions. When water pushes back through the roof, the attic can become flooded. We can repair the roof and evaluate the structural elements of the attic for replacement as needed.

High Wind Damage

While the high winds might be great for creating snow drifts at our ski resorts during the season, the impact on a home or business might not be as welcoming. From shearing off veneer and siding to lifting and removing portions of the roof, powerful windstorms are menacing to an aging building. Our construction team can seal up openings after the storm subsides and begin repairing vulnerabilities to restore your home’s structural integrity.

With decades of reconstruction and repair experience, we can help with disaster reconstruction to get life back to normal. These traumatic and damaging events are where our Disaster Reconstruction Services team can show our expertise and knowledge. From the earliest controlled demolition and repairs to rebuilding damaged areas of the house, we are standing by to help however you need at (970) 564-3498.