Bathroom Remodeling in Montrose Changes from House to House

When Is the Time for Bathroom Remodeling in Montrose

Are you looking at your bathroom and wondering how a couple of decades have been hard on fixtures and features? Looking at this vital area of your house and realizing the theme screams the 80s or 90s? It could be time to get in touch with our Disaster Reconstruction Services team professionals for your options in bathroom remodeling in Montrose.

Types of Remodeling for Your Bathroom 

Bathroom remodeling for Montrose homes is different in every residence. Homeowners have unique priorities and expectations, making the process customized for every structure. Disaster Reconstruction Services provides a range of remodeling and renovation services, starting with general light changes to make the room more appealing to more complex and intricate changes. Remodels can get categorized in several ways:

  • Light 

Minor, aesthetic changes like repainting the walls, replacing the vanity, or changing the hardware and fixtures can be enough to make you feel differently about the bathroom. These changes are faster than more intricate remodels.

  • Medium

A step beyond the lighter aesthetic changes one could make to a bathroom remodel introduces the second tier of potential remodeling. Here, you are making more intrusive changes that have a greater impact on the look and function of the room. Disaster Reconstruction Services can replace laminate flooring or aging wood with long-lasting ceramic tile. We can separate shower and tub combinations for a spa-like experience.

  • Full Renovation

Whether you are just moving into your Montrose home or tired of seeing the aging elements of your primary bathroom, complete renovations consider all the potential changes one could make to this vital area of the house. You are modifying the floors, fixtures, structural installations, and upgrading amenities like the shower for function and space.

Changes to Improve the Function

Not all changes you make to your bathroom involve an aesthetic appeal. Sometimes you choose to renovate based on a changing need in your family, such as occupants becoming older and finding it more difficult to step over a high-sided bathtub. Functionality changes can be as complex as complete overhauls of the room, so we help you understand the processes involved and realistic timelines to achieve the results.

With our experience in handling post-disaster reconstruction and repairs, we are a trusted choice for remodeling and renovation needs for your home. We understand the importance of quality craftsmanship combined with premium materials to create a lasting result you are proud to show off. Disaster Reconstruction Services Can help when you wish to design and install a new look for your bathroom. Give us a call today at (970) 564-3498.

Post-Disaster Bathroom Remodeling in Montrose

An excellent time to consider bathroom remodeling for your home is after a destructive disaster. With the type of demolition required to remedy the effects of these emergencies, windows of opportunity exist to begin the design and execution of considered remodeling and renovation.