Telluride Water Damage Repairs Following Burst Pipes

Water Damage Repairs in Telluride From Plumbing Breaches

Freezing or aging pipes have one thing in common: they could burst or break, causing excessive damage to your house. Every year our Disaster Reconstruction Services team helps to repair and reconstruct homes following water disasters. With the rapid spread and growing severity of this situation, it is vital to have professionals capable of completing needed water damage repairs for Telluride properties. The contractors of our roster know what your property needs, and we work diligently to restore your family’s daily routines.

The Threat of Freezing Pipes 

There is no mistaking the need for water damage repairs to Telluride homes when harsh winter weather falls on the communities we serve. Colorado towns sometimes experience bitter cold conditions, leaving plumbing vulnerable to freezing. As water expands in the tubing, the pressure can become too great to contain, and the plumbing splits or separates. The resulting torrent of water can greatly impact the materials and contents of the house. 

While Disaster Reconstruction Services can help with the repairs and reconstruction necessary when burst pipes occur and overwhelm a structure, it might be best to understand ways to protect your home from these damages. Proper insulation is key to preventing freezing. Similarly, it can be wise, when temperatures drop below freezing, to leave your faucet trickling to keep a portion of the pipe from entirely solidifying in cold extremes.

Sudden Damages, Water Damage Repairs in Telluride

Sudden water damage repair is often one of the conditions where home insurance can help. We have become trusted professionals to begin the repairs, and build-back services providers require. Certain areas of the house are more prone to water damage repairs from a burst pipe than others, including:

  • Plumbing – When pipes freeze or burst from air hammers or age, it is important to repair this effect promptly. Installing a new piece of plumbing allows this service to be repressurized and functional throughout the restoration and cleaning processes.
  • Drywall – Drywall gets readily damaged by moisture and water. Spraying from a broken piece of plumbing can coat drywall, and the material will absorb the water immediately. Water trapped in sheetrock increases its weight, pulling it away from studs and ceiling joists. We must cut out wet gypsum board and replace it after drying completes. 
  • Flooring – Floors immediately become overwhelmed by standing water after a burst pipe. Because many areas of your house are not constructed with water-resistant materials, carpeting and even wood flooring can begin to absorb this water after a brief exposure. When damaged beyond salvageability, we can remove these materials to expose the subflooring for drying. 

Paired with Trusted Restoration Work 

We work with competent restoration professionals like SERVPRO to complete needed recovery steps efficiently. This partnership allows us to complete required steps like a controlled demolition, discarding damaged materials, and emergency water damage repairs before drying and cleanup begin. 
You might only sometimes be able to avoid unexpected plumbing issues that result in water damage repair, but Disaster Reconstruction Services is a trusted team to help. We have skilled contractors to repair plumbing and replace ruined materials. Call us when you need us at (970) 564-3498.