DRS Helps Materials Suffering Flood Damage in Montrose Homes

How We Help Your Montrose Home After Flood Damage

Colorado homes deal with several types of natural disasters at any point in the year. When flood damage in Montrose occurs, properties can be rapidly overwhelmed and need restoration and the repairs our Disaster Reconstruction Services team can provide.

Where the Floodwater Enters Your Home 

Flood damage to Montrose homes must be entirely understood and tracked for our professionals and restoration partners with SERVPRO to help. We know how necessary reconstruction and repairs will be after flood loss effects, so we evaluate the condition of the residence and where the flooding first entered the structure:

  • Doorways 

The doorway is the most common entry point for flood damage in homes, which means that this damage will spread throughout the main level of your property and impact areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living room with threatening floodwater.

  • Basement 

A basement might not always be a staple of a home in the area, but for those residences that have them, this is an easy penetration point for standing surface water outside the structure. In these situations, much of the flood damage stays contained in this lowest level, but water pooling can be excessive.

  • Attic 

The attic can be where floodwater can enter, with many Colorado homes damaged by storm systems or heavy, wet snowfall. Roof damages allow for water penetration and subsequent flooding, so the worst moisture damage in this scenario occurs in the attic and spreads to the living spaces below.

Removing Damaged Materials 

Because of how fast floodwater can move through your residence, multiple materials and contents can suffer exposure. Natural flood damage must often be treated as a contamination hazard, with contact with porous materials requiring tear-out and reconstruction. While this might seem excessive to some homeowners, the likelihood of contaminants and bacterial or viral pathogens entering your home through breaching surface water poses a significant health hazard for residents. Some of the areas likely to be impacted in this way include:

  • Flooring: Water intruding into the house will pool on the floors, and when contamination is a concern, these impacted floors that are not completely non-porous must be pulled up and safely discarded.
  • Drywall: Drywall is one of a household’s most porous and easily damaged construction elements. The high permeability of these materials allows them to become readily overwhelmed by water and will enable materials behind them in the structural cavity to also get impacted.
  • Trims: Baseboard trim and chair rails are typical wall systems installations that improve these constructions’ appearance. While an aesthetic addition, they are highly susceptible to water damage and must often be removed when flooding occurs.

Losses of Flood Damage in Montrose

Flood damage in Montrose homes can lead to losses in many areas of your household and require repairs and build-back services. Our Disaster Reconstruction Services team is ready to help throughout the restoration process and beyond when you call (970) 564-3498.

Rebuilding After a Flood 

As they say, what goes up, must come down. In post-disaster reconstruction, when an element gets removed, it needs to be replaced. We help to match color and appearance to the original material removed with precision when possible or work to completely rebuild specific areas of the house, like the flooring of a damaged room, to be uniform and attractive to the customer. We paint walls and finish surfaces to make you forget a disaster even occurred.