DRS Offers Effective Help After Montrose Water Removal

Water Removal in Montrose Leads to Repairs 

Trusted SERVPRO water removal restoration partners operating in the area can help with the water removal Montrose homes might need after leaks and flooding. Our role, in many cases, is to eliminate the required repairs and reconstruction necessary once these recovery efforts are complete. Disaster Reconstruction Services has several methods to help your home after unexpected threats.

The Impact of Water on Your Residence

The first step in helping after water removal in Montrose homes is understanding how these situations threaten a residence. The presence of water alone can be a troublesome condition for your house, promoting a moist environment attractive to mold and microbial development. The most direct damage water can absorb into building materials during pooling and moisture migration. We remove pooling water before the structural integrity of the installed systems can be assessed and understood.

Repairing Carpeted Floors 

Even with the needed steps to resolve the standing water on carpeted floors and the help necessary to extract trapped moisture in these materials, further inspection and evaluation might determine that the presence of mold, mildew, or deterioration has made it impossible to preserve these elements. We pull up carpeting from the tacking strip along the room’s edges and gather and discard damaged padding underneath as well.

Subflooring is inspected for salvageability, and often the OSB board used as the primary surface component needs to be demolished, removed, and replaced. With the freshly installed base, we can lay padding across the areas to get carpeted, and the new material rolled out to the room’s edges. After being tacked into place, Disaster Reconstruction Services can reattach wood trim and baseboards to the finished wall.

Material Removal After Trapped Water 

Trapped water can lead to structural deterioration, especially with wall assemblies where porous materials are often components. Drywall and insulation are often eliminated during the earliest phases of restoration to access the damaged areas of the structure and remove wet elements capable of supporting mold colonies. While alarming for homeowners, stripping portions of the property to its base components of the studs and framework allows for complete drying and reconstruction to happen faster. That is why water removal in Montrose is very important.

Repairs Necessary to Resolve the Threat

When the source of the water damage gets identified, it is critical to begin any necessary work to remedy it permanently. Water penetration of a home is a continued threat when structural vulnerabilities exist; similarly, unresolved leaks and drips from aging plumbing are a problem that persists as well. Our experienced team can help with several focused build-back services:

  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Roof Reconstruction
  • Foundation Sealing
  • Encapsulation

After water removal for Montrose homes, several types of repairs and build-back services are needed. You can count on Disaster Reconstruction Services to help. Call us at (970) 564-3498.

Full Rebuilding After Water Removal in Montrose

Sometimes it is not enough to overcome the repairs and smaller rebuilds necessary after water damages, and greater measures are required. As leading Colorado contractors in Montrose County, we can help you determine the extent of reconstruction needed to assemble wall systems, roof assemblies fully, and flooring elements collectively ruined by the migration or direct exposure of a leak or flooding.