DRS Contractors Help with Water Removal in Telluride Homes

Water Removal in Telluride Relies on Repairs 

You cannot predict when emergencies will occur with the variances of natural disasters impacting Colorado or the likelihood of human errors or accidents. When water removal in Telluride or Montrose homes is necessary, several experienced professionals are involved in this process.

Disaster Reconstruction Services Provides Water Removal

Disaster Reconstruction Services provides water removal in Telluride homes and businesses means more than the measures taken by our trusted restoration partners to clean and dry the structure. Our general contracting license is often a large contributor to rapidly recovering a house and preventing the continued migration of moisture. Even demolition is a positive step forward after flooding or burst pipe events.

Damaged Flooring 

It is common for water to collect on flooring, allowing it to absorb into wood planks, carpeting, and other porous materials. Once these elements become saturated, our method of removing water comes from the controlled demolition of ruined carpets, padding, vinyl plank, and other components. After drying, we reinstall structural supports and joists where necessary, install subflooring if needed, and lay down padding and carpet or tongue and groove plank flooring.

Wall Systems and Assemblies 

Assemblies represent a combination of building materials used to create a wall or support another floor of your residence. Systems can be severely impacted by water after leaks and burst pipes, allowing moisture to absorb into exposed construction elements and require removal. Water removal in Telluride involves several materials:

  • Drywall – Highly porous and extensively used, drywall is the visible portion of a wall system our professionals must remove to access the damaged utility.
  • Insulation – Exterior walls often have installed insulation that must get collected. We can dry certain types during restoration, but blown insulation or loose materials must be gathered and discarded when the system gets exposed.
  • Utilities – Broken pipes must get replaced, fixtures repaired, and connections reseated. We assure you through repairs that the water damage threats are behind you.
  • Framing – Often, nothing must happen with the frame unless significant structural compromise results. We check the integrity and ensure the cavity is dried before refitting any new studs, headers, or lintels.

Mold-Damaged Materials and Items

When water does not get removed quickly enough, the result can be mold colonies forming and spreading through the structure. Our contractors work with restoration professionals responding to emergencies to regulate these hazardous conditions and perform demolition and reconstruction where necessary. Flooding in attics, basements and burst pipes often creates enough widespread moisture concerns to facilitate mold in a few days.

Replacing from the Inside Out

Following a situation like a controlled demolition, DRS professionals must work on what it takes to return the structure to its original appearance. We must replace exposed framing and missing building materials inside the cavity to the outermost surfaces and accent pieces. We fully reconstruct the wall, flooring, and ceiling assemblies to code.

Disaster Reconstruction Services is a trusted team to aid with water removal in Telluride properties. With our intricate and comprehensive repair solutions, we are ready to help when you need us. Call us at (970) 564-3498.

Full Reconstruction Services

After certain emergencies, there is no alternative but tearing down the bones of your property and building that back from the pipes to the paint. We are experienced professionals with full-scale reconstruction and new construction projects. Because we work closely with trusted SERVPRO restoration professionals serving Telluride and Montrose, we can begin this rebuild as soon as it is safe for this work to begin.