Telluride Building Materials Requiring Water Damage Repairs

Not Every Surface Requires Water Damage Repairs  

Disaster Reconstruction Services provides water damage repairs for Telluride homes after flooding, burst pipes, and other damaging conditions. Because of how rapidly water spreads, entire wall systems can be affected by migrating moisture. While not all surfaces require removal and repair, it is important to understand how our contractors return your home to pre-loss condition.

The Demolition Process

Water damage repairs for Telluride homes and businesses begin with removing bulk materials, sagging construction elements, and structures standing in the way of the cleanup and restoration that must come. The objective of controlled demolition is to limit the removal of unaffected construction materials, which requires several tools like:

  • Sawzall
  • Drywall saws
  • Powered drills
  • Hammers
  • Sledgehammers
  • Pry Bars

Water Damage Reconstruction of Plumbing 

With the structural cavities exposed around the problem areas and the cause of the water damage, our DRS team can work to recognize the fault in the plumbing systems and repair it. Often portions of the pipe should get removed, and the available network can be assessed for structural integrity. With the water service severed, copper pipe can be cut, and a new piece reattached in minutes with a ProPress machine.

How Does Drywall React to Water?

Gypsum board is a common choice for wall system surfaces, but it is not without its faults. It sustains substantial damages when exposed to moisture, ultimately leading to the need for water damage repairs in Telluride properties. Wet insulation can help to moisten the drywall further, in addition to losing R-value. Flood cuts can sometimes be enough to preserve most of the drywall surfaces exposed to water, but that is only true if work begins as soon as possible.

Can Framing Be Preserved?

Framing is essential to every wall system in your home, especially with internal wall systems that do not connect to the house’s exterior. These components become an integral part of structural stability. As such, our contractors must closely evaluate their condition to see when they can continue being used and when water damage reconstruction is the wiser option. Damaged structural components have a shortened lifespan, so knowing when repairs are best saves customers time and money. Framing can remain installed with:

  • No physical deterioration
  • No cracks, splits, or separations
  • No mold growth
  • No break from the header and footer

Finishing the Project 

Reconstructing after water damage is only part of returning your home to pre-loss conditions. With the framing, drywall, and other system components reinstalled, these surfaces require finishing. With drywall, a paint and primer combination can return these surfaces to what matches the rest of the room. Using a primer that inhibits mold growth can be beneficial for added protection. After the painting, wood trim, chair rails, and coverings for outlets and switches can be replaced.
Choosing Disaster Reconstruction Services to help with water damage repairs in Telluride means choosing experience and customer-committed results. We can help you to get back to normal life quickly with our professional contracting team working alongside trusted restoration professionals. Call now at (970) 564-3498.