Disaster Reconstruction Services Help After Telluride Flood Damage

Structural Priorities of Flood Damage Repairs in Telluride

Flooding is more of a common occurrence in our Colorado communities than many property owners believe. With flood damage in Telluride homes and businesses, you need prompt restoration and repairs to get back to normal life. Because each of these disasters impacts structures wildly different, a direct assessment of structural integrity and needed reconstruction from flood damage focuses on the earliest actions of our contractors. Priorities of reconstruction and repairs include:

  • The entry points
  • Impacted structural materials
  • Restoration
  • Replacing interior systems
  • Fully repairing exterior damage

Where Did the Flooding Enter?

The first answer our team needs is where the flood damage comes from when it threatens the house. Talented repair specialists inspect damaged areas for the infiltration point. Floodwater can come through a damaged roof, penetrate vulnerable siding, be forced through doorways, or build up in crawlspaces or basements. Our knowledge of these penetration points allows us to complete needed temporary construction or patches to prevent continued water flow.

What Materials Have Been Impacted? 

Even with our fast response, water from flood damage gets inside homes and spreads quickly. Contractors identify what materials and contents have been directly influenced by this intruding threat. Because floodwater is treated as a contaminant akin to sewage and other biohazardous substances, porous materials in contact with this spreading pool must be cut out and removed. The goal is to remove contaminants that decisively threaten house occupants.

How Can DRS Help With Flood Damage in Telluride?

We have partnered with the experienced SERVPRO of Montrose / Telluride organization operating in the area for fast restoration and recovery. Our involvement with storm and flood damage restoration services can help this process by removing bulk materials, providing controlled demolition, and completing a series of emergency repairs for the property. With this drying and cleaning complete, the project returns to our hands to bring your home back to pre-loss condition. 

Replacing Interior Construction Elements

No one knows how your home used to look before a disaster like you do. We keep a continual line of communication open with our customers to meet their construction priorities and to preserve what matters most with pack-out of contents and relocation of at-risk belongings. With contamination resolved, our contractors can work on replacing the partial systems throughout the house, including drywall, insulation, trim, flooring, and ceiling elements. Many look to our team because we provide:

  • Fast and focused service
  • Ongoing communication
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Swift results

Flood damage in Telluride homes is more common than you think. When your property becomes a victim of this intrusive disaster, you need competent and experienced professionals to help you through the repairs needed. Disaster Reconstruction Services is ready when you need us at (970) 564-3498.

Permanent Structural Repairs

We are not walking away from a flood damage recovery project without an assurance that our work has helped prevent this situation from happening again in the immediate future. Exterior reconstruction solutions seek to resolve penetration points in areas like the roof or outside wall systems that allow rain-driven floodwater or runoff into the structure. We can also clean up fallen trees and repair the destruction caused by the flood damage to your property – including detached buildings and fencing.