Repairs Needed After Water Removal in Telluride Homes

What is Needed For Water Removal in Telluride

Post-disaster repairs and reconstruction are necessary to return your property to pre-loss conditions after water emergencies. Considerably adverse circumstances require repairs after water removal in Telluride homes immediately to prevent the house’s worsening conditions before restoration can begin. We are a rapid responder for these emergencies to start a demolition or build-back service.

Early Emergency Services For Water Removal in Telluride

Before water removal in Telluride homes can even begin, our Disaster Reconstruction Services team must assess the structural damage and necessary repairs. Much like wrapping a wound, our emergency services are a bandage to prevent continued damage and destruction of the house. The earliest actions are often patching up any exterior structure damage, repairing compromised plumbing, and discarding bulk materials too saturated for restoration professionals to save.

Replacing Flooring Materials

Water damage can weigh heavily on flooring materials, so these must often be removed and replaced if exposure persists over an extended period. Flooring underlayment like carpet padding also gets removed to prevent conditions like mold development. When the affected area is dried and restored, our Disaster Reconstruction Services team can work quickly to replace missing materials like:

  • Wood Plank
  • Carpet
  • Vinyl

Reconstructing Wall Assemblies 

The reconstruction of a wall system removed to accommodate the need for water restoration and removal practices by our restoration partners at SERVPRO begins with replacing framing. Reinstalling studs to create the skeleton of the wall system, along with respective elements like headers and lintels, is the foundation for assembly reconstruction.

  • Utilities – With the studs in place, any utilities still requiring repair or rebuilding must be installed.
  • Insulation – When insulation is removed from the wall getting rebuilt, it must be reinstalled if salvageable between the studs creating the wall cavity.
  • Drywall – Sheetrock is among the first elements removed to secure water removal services and is a critical component of the wall assembly reconstruction.
  • Trim – Among the final materials to reinstall are the baseboards of the wall system. The trim work is often reattached after the drywall is finished, primed, and painted.

Build-back services and repairs following significant water damage are cornerstones of our services. At Disaster Reconstruction Services we aim to provide fast and immediate service for all water damage reconstruction needed for your home or business. Actions taken by our Disaster Reconstruction Services team for water removal in Telluride, such as controlled demolition, can help in this relief of water damage. Call us now at (970) 564-3498.