Prompt Storm Damage Reconstruction for Montrose Properties

Is Montrose Storm Damage Reconstruction Needed?

Because severe weather is a certainty for the area and its homes, we must ensure we are ahead of these events with contractors ready to respond to emergencies. Structural damage can be abrupt and highly destructive to your residence in many ways. Still, we know how to help through patching, temporary construction, board-up, and other storm damage reconstruction for Montrose properties. We are experts with:

  • Roof Repairs
  • Structural Envelope Restoration
  • Post-Flooding Construction

Regardless of the season, our Colorado region is overcome by precipitation and high winds, requiring storm damage reconstruction for Montrose properties. The elevation of the communities can be a blessing for the economies of these communities as resort towns but can also leave structures vulnerable to the angrier side of nature. Because we have professionals available 24/7, we are ready to mobilize and respond to emergency repairs when you need them.

How Can Storms Damage the Roof?

Missing shingles, lifted metal panels, and other direct damage can impact your roof. Board up is critical in these situations to prevent water penetration into the attic or living space. Contractors like ours must inspect the structural integrity of the trusses and roof underlayment before replacing the exterior materials and restoring the roof’s original appearance.

What Exterior Damage Must Be Repaired?

Similar to the roof, many of the homes and accommodations of the community feature siding or destructible veneer. When the exterior is breached, rain can be driven into wall systems and destroy lath boards, insulation, and other assembly elements. Depending on the severity of the impact, reconstruction might start by removing and later replacing these compromised components.

Rebuilding After a Flood

No one wants to see their living space under water, and floods are traumatic and overwhelming for the homeowner. Because so much is considered contaminated, controlled demolition is a large part of the repairs for Montrose homes. We work with trusted restoration partners until recovery reaches a point where our contractors can rebuild.

Trusted Professionals to Help

When storms threaten your home, count on Disaster Reconstruction Services to help with storm damage reconstruction in Montrose. We are ready 24/7 at (970) 564-3498.

We know construction, so we know what your home needs after storm damage. Even through the mess and debris, we have a clear vision and plan about how to help you get back to normal fast. We work with your insurance company when needed to ensure that the right documentation and data get submitted to green light restoration and needed build-back services our contractors can provide.