Flood Repairs and Disaster Reconstruction for Telluride Homes

What Areas of Homes Need Disaster Reconstruction?

According to projections, hundreds of properties in Telluride alone face the possibility of flood damage over the next few decades. The many causes of flooding result in varying schemes for cleaning and reconstruction of damaged structures.

Roof Damage from Wind and Hail

Disaster reconstruction for Telluride homes is a common need as many Colorado properties suffer loss from harsh wind or destructive hailstorms. Even with solid construction of roofing systems for the resorts or thousands of homes in our communities, shingles and eaves can be sheared off by violent bursts, leaving the property vulnerable to water damage. We must carefully inspect roofs for temporary and permanent repairs necessary.  

Repairing Exterior/Envelope Damage 

In addition to roofs suffering damage, we anticipate trees being blown into structures, siding being torn from buildings, and other damaging byproducts of severe weather systems. When the storm passes, we can reconstruct the exterior of residences to reinforce them and prevent further water and flood damage infiltration. 

Removing Contaminated Building Materials

Many flood situations are treated like biohazards because of contaminated groundwater and debris. To keep the residents and their related property safe, we work to remove toxic materials as soon as possible to prevent microorganisms and bacterial pathogens from spreading. Demolition focuses on several areas likely to be impacted by moving water in the house, such as:

  • Flooring
  • Drywall
  • Insulation
  • Baseboards
  • Wood framing

Reconstruction After Restoration

Because our team has aligned with the experienced and trusted restoration professionals of SERVPRO serving Telluride and Montrose, we work together to ensure restoration and build-back services happen as fast as possible. There is an urgency to post-flood work, and the restoration timeline for your residence is not complete without the repairs, and construction our Disaster Reconstruction Services professionals provide. 

Storm and flood damage are common threats to Telluride and Montrose, making the respective destruction to households a specialty of our experienced Disaster Reconstruction Services team. Every minute counts in rebuilding your home after a flood loss situation, and you have contractors with the know-how to make it even better than before. Call us when you need us at (970) 564-3498.