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Reconstruction and Remodeling Specialties

Water Damage Reconstruction Services

Water damage can destroy building materials and render them unsalvageable. After your home or business has been dried by a professional water damage restoration company like SERVPRO, we work with your insurance company to replace with new materials and rebuild your home or business to it’s original condition.

Fire Damage Reconstruction Services

Whether your home or business requires reparative construction or a complete rebuild after a fire, DRS is the experienced professional reconstruction company you need. We assess the damage then replace and rebuild the foundation, walls, ceilings, floors and roof as necessary. This includes all structure and finishes, as well as complete kitchens and baths.

Mold Damage Reconstruction Services

After a mold remediation, porous materials such as drywall and flooring, cabinetry, and sometimes the structural elements of a building must be rebuilt or replaced. Disaster Reconstruction Services is an expert at rebuilding unsalvageable portions of any building affected by mold

Storm Damage Reconstruction Services

High winds and lightning from storms can cause fire and water damage to buildings, especially to roofs. Disaster Reconstruction Services can work with you and your insurance company to provide cost effective repair solutions to put your home back in pre-storm condition.

Flood Damage Reconstruction Services

Groundwater flooding from heavy spring runoff and rainstorms is a fairly common event here on the Colorado Western Slope. The damage from groundwater flooding is often not covered by insurance. We will work with you to develop a cost-effective approach to repairing your home or business after a flood.


There can be a silver lining to a property damage event after all. When their home or business is damaged by flooding, fire, or other disasters where construction is required, people often take the opportunity to improve, renovate, or add-on. It may be just opportunity you’ve been waiting for to renew your surroundings with a new kitchen, bath, or upgraded flooring.

Upscale Kitchen, Basement and Bathroom Remodeling and Reconstruction

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Water, Flood, Fire, and Mold Reconstruction

For property owners and managers damage to a commercial property can lead to a loss of income, concerns about occupant safety, and even the complications of potential litigation. These problems are compounded when the source of the damage was caused by a fire, or dirty water, or microbial contamination such as mold.

What is Post-Mitigation Construction?

Post-Mitigation Construction is a term used by insurance companies to describe the build-back, or reconstruction of a structure after the mitigation and remediation from a property damage event are complete. Disaster Reconstruction Services (DRS) specializes in providing post-mitigation construction. We return your property to its pre-damaged condition by rebuilding the non-restorable portions after mitigation and remediation services are complete. Since our customers often use this as an opportunity to renovate, upgrade, or add on, we are also remodeling specialists.

What are Property Damage Mitigation and Remediation Services?

For clarification, Disaster Reconstruction Services does not provide mitigation and remediation services. Mitigation and remediation are commonly used terms in the Property Damage Restoration Industry, and they have similar meanings. Mitigation means taking action to minimize or stop further damage from occurring. Remediation means to provide a remedy for damage that has occurred.

Mitigation and remediation services are commonly performed by restoration companies like SERVPRO®. For example, in a water damage event, once the source of the water leak or flooding has been stopped, they extract any standing water and dry out wet building materials with specialized drying equipment; then clean and sanitize the affected area. They also remove building materials that cannot feasibly be dried or made sanitary. The approach for fire and mold remediation is similar. They remediate by drying, cleaning, and deodorizing the affected area, removing unsalvageable materials as they go. DRS comes in to rebuild once the remediater’s work is complete.

Disaster Reconstruction Services carefully follows stringent remodeling and construction protocols and practices excellent communication by keeping all parties informed of the progress.

Disaster Reconstruction Services

Providing Peace of Mind

We provide peace mind for insurance policyholders with property damage claims and for our select commercial clientele. As a construction company that deals almost exclusively with property damage reconstruction, we are known and respected as an expert in the field among insurance professionals on the Western Slope. We have a good working rapport with most insurance companies. We subscribe to their billing systems and understand their policies and procedures, and can work with you and them in harmony to complete your reconstruction project in a timely manner.

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Client Success Stories

Storm damage reconstruction
An bad storm badly damaged the entire interior of this house of worship. Disaster Reconstruction Services removed ruined contents, some for disposal, others for salvage. Next, we performed a controlled demolition of the damaged structural materials such as sheetrock, insulation, and floor coverings. Debris removal was managed to keep the exterior grounds clean. We carefully saved the plumbing and electrical systems that were not fire damaged and left the space ready for reconstruction.
Water damage reconstruction
Ironically, a water flooding detection system failed and sent false alarms. An inspector turned the water to the house off to check out the plumbing system. Unfortunately, a hot water valve was unknowingly left in the open position and caused severe water and steam damage when the water to the house was turned back on. This damage was discovered by a property manager several days later. We satisfied an extremely tight repair window. The moisture cleanup and necessary repairs were completed, on time, in just five days.
Flooding Interrupts Businesses
Our business needed flood damage reconstruction. A record setting deluge sent contaminated ground water into the first floor of this mixed-use office building. We removed the water and mud. Then we removed and replaced areas of affected carpeting and manufactured wood flooring. HEPA air filtration equipment was brought in and was installed to maintain safe indoor-air-quality. All non-affected portions of flooring were covered and protected. They worked quickly to finish the repairs to the damaged floors and walls so the tenants could return their businesses to full operation.

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